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What is Private Label Liquid?

Private Label Liquid companies are responsible for producing the content and packaging they receive from the employer as requested. The brand can belong to the employer or the manufacturer. As Ravive Cosmetics, we actively carry out the contract filling works of world-renowned companies with high brand value.

What is the Private Label Liquid Capacity?

Private Label Liquid is done for many sectors in our filling facility. The most important of these is the cosmetics industry. The most important thing in our facility is machine technology and occupational safety. As Ravive Cosmetics, keeping up with the developing technology over the years, it underwent a new revision in 2020 and changed in all its machines, increasing its total capacity at least 6 times and meeting high volume production standards. reached.

What Can You Request as Private Label Liquid?


Liquid is a multi-faceted action as well as clear and clear enough on a sectoral basis. Mostly in the cosmetics sector, all liquid fillings that you can think of are produced. The main ones are cologne, perfume, care products, room perfumes, car care products, Numerous types of services such as deodorant are available.



It is our priority to fulfill the demands of our customers as quickly as possible. Please contact us for your requests.