Private Label Care Products
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Private Label Care Products

What are the Private Label Care Products?

Private Label Care Products; As Ravive Cosmetics, we fill many care products. These are mainly; We have formulations and private label care products services in a wide variety of areas such as tonic, shampoo, shower gel, care oils, acetone, anti-aging creams, whitening creams, stain removers, oil-burning creams.

The Importance of Care and Its Products Today?

In fact, care is not just a phenomenon of today. Since the first known moment of humanity, there has been a desire to clean oneself and to be liked by the opposite gender. In the past, attention was paid to the beautiful and clean hair and the shiny and smooth skin afterwards. Although the beauty phenomena have always changed over the years. The only thing that did not change was to be well-groomed, especially the “Skin” we saw the most and the first place in the person in front of us.

In later times, being clean, beautiful and well-groomed was referred to as a phenomenon peculiar to high-status people. And today, the value of care and the right products is well known. People have now placed aesthetics and care first in their lives due to their concern for beauty. Therefore, it is a product group with a very high supply and demand. We believe that serious turnover will be achieved with a good feasibility study.

Private Label Tonic

Private label tonic, for the skin is also made with the method of private label care products, a cosmetic product used for skin care by both women and men, which is among the personal care products. With the private label care products, companies gain advantages and profits by reducing their costs. If you do not have a private label care products, Private Label production will provide you great advantages. Rose water is used as a skin tonic outside our country. For many years, rose water has provided countless shipments both at home and abroad. We wanted to include it under the title of skin tonic because in the globalizing world, there is a serious demand for tonic, especially aromas containing rose and its essence are preferred.


Private Label Shampoo

With private label shampoo, the process of companies takes place in a very short and practical way. Thanks to private label of shampoo, the burden on companies is reduced, it helps companies to go to marketing without dealing with filling process. Shampoo is very important for hair health. Wrong shampoo can cause baldness, but it can also lead to psychological disorders. We would be happy to be with you in choosing the right shampoo and in the R&D process of the product.


Private Label Shower Gel

Private label shower gel is carried out by utilizing the power of modern machinery. It can be produced in a wide variety of scents and sizes. We can call it a fast-moving consumer product. Thanks to modern machines, the private label process of shower gel is carried out in a faster, faster, sensitive and hygienic way, while less labor is required.


Private Label Maintenance Oil

It allows the company that will have the private label maintenance oil process done much faster and easier. With the liquid filling machines that enable serial filling, the filling process is done very practically and with less labor.

Ravive Cosmetics Gives You Personal Care Advice

Our first priority in personal care should be our face. You need to clean and care for your face every day. You should wash your face with a good soap in the morning and evening, use a skin tonic, and then use a good (water-based) moisturizer to prevent it from drying out. A moist skin ages late and wrinkles appear later. If your skin has black spots and regional lubrication, you should clean it with rose water and soda and then make a skin mask.

You should take care that it does not dry out in your skin and body, we recommend peeling frequently. Take a daily shower and then moisturize your skin with care oils.

As a hair, we cannot say that you should definitely go for this product. The reason is that you need to know your hair type very well first. Then you need to support it with shampoo and nourishing vitamins accordingly. In summer, you need to clean it with fresh water after salt water, staying in the sun will reduce the quality of your hair. .

Choosing the Right Company in Private Label

In private label, some of the items that should be prioritized during the selection of the company are as follows; skills, experience, compliance, capacity, personnel, equipment, location and financial management.

In private label, our company, which produces the demands of its customers in the best way and in accordance with the determined timetable, is the beginning of the right option.

If all the conditions mentioned above are okey for you, let’s move on to the second step in choosing the right company. Doing due diligence means leaving nothing to chance. You should not overlook anything. The questions below may vary by industry or project. However, some good questions to ask a private label firm might include:


  • “What kind of support do you provide for our intellectual property (patents, etc.)?”
  • “Is the pricing transparent; Will there be any hidden fees or costs?”
  • “Will we experience any inconsistency from order to order?”
  • “Will there be a dedicated and qualified contact point interested in our project?”
  • “What processes will you involve us in to ensure a smooth flow of communication?”

All these questions will guide you to the right company selection and will enable you to quickly decide for the production of the product you need.

If you contact our company for Private Label Care Products, you will receive detailed information about both the process and the price.