Private Label Cologne
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Private Label Cologne

What is Private Label Cologne?

What Is Cologne Made Of?

Cologne consists of various aromatic essences combined with high-grade ethanol, resting for a while and detonating the scent particles in it, then lowering its degree with distilled water. It is also possible to make cologne at home. Mix well with 800 ml of ethanol, 15 ml of Lemon (or any essence you want) and let it rest. For a good result, it should be rested for 14 days and shaken from time to time. Then combine with 150 ml of distilled water and shake.

Even if you want to do it professionally, as Ravive Cosmetics, we are always with you. We would like to convey our experience and experience to everyone who wants to create their own brand, including companies that produce in very high quantities.

Although it was invented in the city of Cologne, Germany, this beautiful hygiene and fragrance, which we Turks inherited from the Ottoman period, should be transferred to the next generations in the best way.

We think that cologne, which was produced as a medicinal drug for perfume and stomach problems in the past, can reduce the effectiveness of the perfume in the market if the right strategy is provided, especially after the pandemic process. Its high temperature (80 degrees) has replaced the disinfectant of viruses and bacteria, especially in terms of hygiene. However, our research shows that since it is not marketed correctly in many countries, even in most continents, it has always been seen as an aftershave lotion, and it has been put in the background, especially in large markets such as America.

One of the obvious reasons for this is that the colognes sold there are mostly owned by our Turkish companies, but because of their sensitivity to packaging and the ones sent there for the promotion of the product, they are put in the poorest quality pads, the design is not preferred by anyone, and the cologne is sent there with the minimum cost and tried to be marketed. After making a detailed analysis, we noticed and experienced our shortcomings due to the fact that people buy them for use as perfume, both from the packaging and in the comments made, and then use them as aftershave lotion.

As Ravive Cosmetics, we would like to convey our experiences and R&D process in detail to companies that want to open up to such big markets, and we would like to state that we will be by their side in creating a brand.

What are the Essences Used in the Content of Cologne?

Various productions have been made for cologne using the essence of many fruits and plants. The most popular of them are; there are dozens of varieties with lemon, lime, grapefruit, tangerine, orange, chocolate, cherry, wood, lavender, ginger, thyme and rosemary.

Can you drink cologne?

Cologne is a liquid that should definitely not be drunk. Due to the denatured alcohol in it, the bittrex substance thrown into it in the denaturation process is also used as rat poison. Although it is excreted little, it is very harmful to the body.

High-grade ethanol contained in it can cause damage to the lungs, and vision loss problems are likely in a short time.

Does Cologne Have an Effect on Corona Virus?

Yes. Due to the ethanol in it and the high degree of it, it is a good cleaning tool for the corona virus. In this pandemic process we live in, cologne, which sells almost nothing, has now become a habit in people. Therefore, we evaluate the demands very intensely. Our daily private label cologne amount starts with a minimum of 65,000 units. Our filling and labeling machines, which make special production for Cologne in our facility, are equipped with the latest system technology. It is equipped, fully automatic, and we can offer our customers the best price as soon as possible without touching.

Private label cologne helps manufacturers who want to have it done directly to marketing without hassle. Private Label processes are carried out in a quality, practical and reliable way with less workers and modern machines. Companies that will make private label cologne will have the advantage of fast production and low cost thanks to this process.

Why Should I Choose Private Label Cologne?

Companies that want to have private label cologne, if they prefer, will have spent more time on marketing and the sector. In this way, companies will increase their turnover easily. If you want, search on Google to get offers from other companies and we are sure that you will easily feel our difference.

Private Label is a great production process that comes with the advantage of being able to produce products that companies will produce on their own, both more technically and at less cost. Ravive Private Label is highly skilled and specialized in its manufacturing operations.

Creating high quality products at lower cost is one of Ravive Private Label’s indispensable functions. Private label helps companies save the huge capital required to set up the manufacturing process. Thus, companies do not need to invest large amounts in production facilities and various other types of equipment.

It also saves on fixed wages and training-related labor costs. In this way, a private label cologne brand that can be created with a team of experts and competences increases brand awareness and saves costs.

You can get detailed information about the process and prices by contacting Ravive Cosmetics, which provides Private LabelPrivate Label Cologne services to the biggest companies in Turkey.