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Private Label Perfume

General Information About Perfume

Before giving information about Private Label Perfume, we wanted to give general information about perfume.

Perfume dates back to the earliest times of known human history. It is even mentioned in the old tablets that the first human being smelled musk after he was born. In later times, some cases were found showing that perfume was used in the Egyptian Period. They burned fragrant herbs to the sun god Ra until the sun went down and made a dedication to him. The Latin word for perfume is from here.

With the developing technology over the years, people have also developed themselves in the field of fragrances. From the earliest times to this time, it has come to the present day as an unchanging phenomenon and material in human beings and will continue to develop itself into the future.

The sense of smell is the closest sense to the brain, and you can’t fool the brain about smell. Perfume has been used both to attract the attention of the other party and to suppress bad odors. There are many books and movies about smell. Despite having so much information, it is still a mystery today. Sometimes a smell you hear can take you back to your old memories. Or bad. Momentary low mood in yourself after being exposed to a scent or that beautiful energetic feeling that a nice scent makes you feel, some points that cannot be described..

There are many fine points in making perfumes. These are generally produced by herbal and animal essences, combined with ethyl alcohol depending on the type, and some chemical fermentations. Fragrances do not look the same for everyone, when combined with the scent on the skin, a very different explosion can occur.

We, as Ravive Cosmetics, are with you at every moment of the perfume production process. We have experienced teams to assist you in the selection of essences, during the production phase and during the design, depending on your target audience, the market you will enter, and your target sales price. Until now, we have played a role in the creation of many well-known fragrances, and we will be pleased to offer this service for you in the future.

So where will we be with you in this process?

-In this process, it is divided into two as employers and producers. We, as Ravive Cosmetics, are in the producer part.

– In the process, the employer (you) delivers all the materials to us if you wish, such as essence, alcohol, box, bottle set, stand. We make the mixture according to the recipe you have determined for you and rest it in our perfume rooms, which remain constant at a special level. Then we go into production on the date you say and deliver it to you.

-Another process is you give us detailed information about which market you want to enter with what kind of product. Afterwards, we choose the essences that are suitable for you, buy the ideal alcohol at the most affordable price, and make you meet with the bottle set and box maker. And after you have made your decision, we enter the Private Label Perfume process again.

-While these are happening, we can also help you with your corporate identity work, your website, your advertisements, your label and packaging design.

Private label perfume is one of the important processes preferred by manufacturing companies with private label manufacturing. The production of liquid products can be done quickly and easily by companies that make private label manufacturing. Private label perfume processes are carried out with fully automatic machines. With machines, the process is faster, more practical and easier. We ensure that the appropriate and high-quality process is provided by providing confidence to our customers with private label perfume processes performed with automatic machines in hygienic environments. The biggest advantage in outsourcing is the significant reduction in cost and workforce. In addition, Ravive Private Label contributes to the branding of companies thanks to its many years of experience in the sector.


How to make a private label perfume?

While the private label perfume process is done with automatic machines, the desired product is obtained by making filling settings from the control panels. With its easy adjustment process, it also allows operators to read the filling volumes simultaneously from the panel. With the filling method, the bottles in the process are filled evenly and reproducibly.

Economic Contribution of Private Label

The agreement of our customers with our company to have their product outsourced means direct profit. This profit goes as far as reducing the cost in production and giving more money to the workers who will work for the labor force. Private label is effective in reducing the cost of production.

Private Label helps minimize the cost of production for companies. In this context, even if the company will produce its own products, high costs are the biggest obstacle to this production.

Instead, working with a private label company such as Ravive Private Label will enable you to meet the entire production process at an optimum level with low cost, both in terms of economy and competence.

Ravive Private Label manufactures large volumes of products for different customers. This helps you to get low cost and quality product in bulk. The more the product is produced for private label, the less the cost will appear. Private label requires a high level of professionalism in terms of technique and production experience.


Why should you choose Ravive Private Label?

As Ravive Private Label, thanks to our industry experience we have gained for many years, we ensure that the private label liquid process is close to perfect. In addition, with our expert team and understanding of high quality, we adopt and work with your business as if it were our own. We are at your service with our reasonable price options and fast delivery privileges. Contact us now to get a private label perfume price quote.